Al and Amy's Rio Vlogging Experience Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

Al and Amy


At the 2012 Paralympics half of Channel 4's presenting team were disabled, but this time in Rio 2016 we have made big changes behind the camera too. Channel 4 launched the Rio Production Training Scheme, which was open only to disabled applicants, with the aim of addressing how under-represented disabled people are in the media industry. With the successful applicants the training began and now the trainees have boarded planes to Brazil and are part of the dedicated team bringing the Paralympics 2016 to our screens.

Am I Normal has teamed up Al and Amy, who can't quite believe their luck at being in Brazil and who are excited about putting their training into practice. Acting as our eyes and ears on the ground, the pair will give us their unique take on broadcasting one of the biggest sporting and media events in the world. With daily vlogs straight from Brazil, we'll get a privileged look behind the scenes and find out about their day to day experiences in Rio.


Amy Ordinaire

22 year-old Amy grew up in St. Albans in Hertfordshire. She recently graduated from the University of Westminster studying Contemporary Media Practice. In her role as a trainee production coordinator, she has worked on shows like Big Brother and 8 out of 10 Cats. Whilst in Rio, she will be continuing her production duties as well as helping with post-production and logging.

Day 0 - 'Prepping for my crazy amazing adventure...'

Day 1 - Jetting-off to Rio!

Day 4 - 'There's half a cow in my plate!'

Day 8 - From Jabs to Gold

Day 11 - Let me tell you about Aileen...

Day 12 - Closing Ceremony


Al Meichan

26 year-old Alistair from Peterborough, graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London, in 2015. He is a huge sports fan and has been an avid enthusiast of Film and Television his whole life. Whilst in Rio he will be working as a researcher as part of the production team behind The Last Leg.

Day 0 - 'It is I, the beard...'

Day 1 - 'Today the first show of The Last Leg Rio aired...'

Day 7 - 'What I actually do'

Day 8 - 3 Rules To Being A Proper Fan

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