Smart ways to Boost your IQ

According to a study by researcher Cathy Price, a test carried out on a number of teens found that IQ scores ranged from between 77 to 135, with the average score being 112; but believe it or not, IQ has the ability to be altered... luckily for you, we have some tips and tricks on how you can do this.

In the clip above from Child Genius, Mog shows off his incredible abilities when it comes to solving maths problems. Want to see more examples of incredible mental ability? Watch the whole of Child Genius here.

Hey there, bright spark

Try a few of these exercises and life hacks, and you may end up giving Einstein a run for his money...


Do nothing

Meditating for around 30 minutes per day has been found to improve concentration, patience and memory... and it's just generally really relaxing to sit still. Yes, avoiding checking Snapchat for a whole half hour isn't the easiest thing in the world, so why not split the time into 10 or 15 minute blocks a couple of times a day?


Try new things

Okay, it might sound like we're contradicting our previous tip, but both points are great for increasing IQ! When you get used to doing the same thing day in, day out, your brain becomes bored and lazy. Exposing yourself to new experiences, such as museums or foreign countries, will help to keep your brain stimulated.


Aaaand breathe

Researcher Wen Winger found that breathing correlates with attention span, and people who tend to be short of breath will struggle to finish a task. So, what are some good ways to work on your breathing? Aerobics and underwater swimming are two great exercises to help you learn how to breathe properly... and you'll be working on your fitness too, not to mention endorphins will be released as you exercise, which can improve your mood. Bonus!


catch some Z's

Ideally, you would sleep when your brain tells you you need it; but that whole attending school or college and homework business can kinda get in the way of that sweet, sweet snoozing. The next best thing is going to bed early-ish. Your body needs around 7-9 hours per night, and believe us, you'll notice the difference in how you perform the next day!


Play games

Yep, playing computer games can improve your IQ... but there is a catch! Not just any old game will help your IQ grow, they should be puzzle games that require you to problem-solve. Some good games that'll get your brain going include Lumosity and Quiz Up.


Take IQ tests

Seems kinda obvious when we say it out loud, doesn't it? Practising online IQ tests will help improve your ability to get higher scores in IQ tests, but bear in mind that the tests you find online are not like the official ones you'd take at a psychiatrist or career centre. Unfortunately, they usually cost money to do but you can try an unofficial one out here.


Eat yourself clever

Your diet can count hugely towards how sharp your mind is. Protein can increase production of neurotransmitters, and increases norepinephrine and dopamine too - all of these can improve functionality in the brain. Try to eat stuff that contains protein for breakfast, to set you up well for the day ahead; and avoid sugary breakfasts at all costs! You may feel a sudden sugar hit but the crash will leave you tired and unable to focus later on.

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