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Getting paid to game may seem like the ultimate dream, but it's not as easy to make a living out of fiddling with your joystick (ahem), as you may think. For starters, being a top gamer takes a ton of time and patience and to really get the big bucks, you'll have to start winning big games. However, if you dedicate yourself to gaming, it could eventually become your full time job... and who WOULDN'T want to travel space and fight aliens for twelve hours a day?

In the clip above from Pro Gamers, we see how dedicated all-girl gaming team Riot Gamers are. Thanks to their commitment to gaming, they are now able to call themselves the leading female Call of Duty team in Europe. Watch the full series of Pro Gamers over on All 4.

To kickstart you on your road to pro gaming, we've got everything you need to know, below...


Play, play, and play some more

Practice really does make perfect when it comes to gaming, but that doesn't mean that you should abandon your work or studies right away. Choose a game that you love and can play relatively well and then put aside a certain amount of time per week to practice. It's important not to give up on other important aspects of your life - it's all about balance... but to get brilliant, play as much as your day allows.


Stick to the day job... for now

As we've said above - it's not a good idea to give up on your day job or education until there's clear indication that you could make a living out of gaming. If you find yourself winning tournament money, then you can scale back on these later on down the line. However, bear in mind that just because you've won one tournament, it doesn't mean you'll win them all. Being a professional gamer usually doesn't bring in a consistent salary.


Watch from the sidelines

Take time to step back and analyse any gamers that have excelled before you - clearly they've done something right, so are there any tactics or tips that you could learn from them? Watch video streams of pro players and note down any skills that could be helpful to you.


Give yourself the edge

If there's a move in a game that's particularly tough, and that you've seen other gamers struggle with, give yourself more of a chance at defeating other players by becoming an expert at that move. It may get dull, working on that one manouver for hours at a time, but it'll be worth it when you find yourself beating other competitors!


Involve yourself

Joining the gaming community is an important part of becoming a pro. Join forums and participate in discussions - this way, other people can help you, you can help others, you will learn about new games and tactics, and will hopefully grow a dedicated following of fans!

These are the top 5 highest paying eSport Games, and we've even provided links to where you can get started on each one, helping launch you on your way to becoming a pro gaming prodigy...

Dota 2

Total amount earned: £76,590,882.04

Pro players: 1709

Click here to play Dota 2.

League of Legends

Total amount earned: £29,922,700.31

Pro players: 4332

Click here to play League of Legends.

Counter-Strike: GO

Total amount earned: £23,140,128.65

Pro players: 6333

Click here to play Counter-Strike: GO.

Starcraft II

Total amount earned: £17,593,022.58

Pro players: 1599

Click here to play Starcraft II.


Total amount earned: £8,708,032.88

Pro players: 2587

Click here to play Counter-Strike.

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