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With a fearless confidence in his craftsmanship and a passion for the genre, D. Goens grew up in the backdrops of Atlanta, Georgia in America, a city that has been a hub for decades of music from Punk, Country, Rock and of course Rap. A serious sporting talent, with a glorious high-school Basketball career, D. decided to pursue his passion for Hip-Hop and a few years back moved to London. He developed his unique style, influenced by his transatlantic adventures, painting a picture of a life in the city, studying, working, failing and succeeding, all whilst dreaming of being more.

Currently based in San-Francisco, D. Goens has just released his EP titled LDN - ATL: "The story of a loud mouth American from Atlanta who moved to London to study a Masters, became a consultant after trying to win a couple quid and then decided he would write some rap songs to tell everyone about it."

A tech-consultant spitting beats is not exactly the most #NORMAL thing you've heard about, but it sure makes up for an exciting journey!

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D. Goens

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