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If you have a passion for working out (no, we don't mean the times table type - if that's more your thing, you may enjoy this), and want to spread your love and knowledge of all things fitness, then you might enjoy a career as a personal trainer. It'll probably take you a while to reach the same status as celebrity body coach Joe Wicks, but here we have everything needed to get you started on the running track to your dream career...

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To be a personal trainer, you will need to already have experience teaching fitness, with a recognised, relevant qualification. A knowledge of anatomy and nutrition is also a must and you need to have a First Aid award. Find a link at the bottom of this article for more information on what is required to become a personal trainer.

What you'll do

You'll spend a lot of time interacting with clients - finding out about their diet habits, working out short and long-term goals, and making plans to help your clients reach them. As well as this, you'll be motivating them, helping them with workouts and keeping an eye on their progress. You might work within a gym setting, be hired for private instructing outside of the gym, or will find a way to balance both.


You can expect to make around £14,000 to £22,000, but this will differ depending on how many clients you have, the location you work in, and whether you are self-employed or on a contract with a gym. Personal trainers working with high profile customers may earn up to £100 an hour, but this is rare. It is more likely that you will make between £20-£40.

Moving on

You could go on and take other courses in specialised skills such as yoga and pilates, or develop the knowledge to assist people with medical conditions or those recovering from illnesses.

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