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Brooke and Rhianna take you through the steps to preparing for your big audition! Watch here.

Luke and Jordi work on a fruit stall, in an attempt to boost Jordi's confidence. Watch here.

Hollie and Lucia take the BFF test. How well will they do...? Watch here.

Swoosh from Flawless teaches us how to do The Wave! Watch here.

Josh gives us a confidence boost! Watch here.

Learn how to body pop with Kieran! Watch here.

It's the BFF test with Josh and Pia! How will it go? Watch here.

Hollie, Lucia, and Pia discuss how to take the perfect selfie. Warning: Don't open the window! Watch here.

Luke, Josh, and Alex give us their best pout as they discuss selfie-taking. Watch here.

Warm up your vocal chords with Lucia, right here!

Tom shares his most embarrassing moment. Watch here.

Vinny talks about his most awkward moment EVER! Watch here.

Who is Alex's celeb crush? You might be surprised! Watch here.

Chanel doesn't quite grasp the concept of a crush, and OJ's heart belongs to dance! Watch here.

Pia offers some wise words of advice about developing self-confidence. Watch here.

Josh, Luke, and Alex give us their thoughts on getting to the top of the entertainment industry. Watch here.

Santino explains his favourite hashtag to Vinnie, but Vinnie is baffled! Watch here.

Learn to tap with Hollie! Watch here.

Joe Crick knows all the best ways to get noticed at your next audition! Watch here.

Get ripped abs thanks to Jordi! Watch here.

It's Brooke and Lauren's turn to do the BFF test, and telepathy is not their strong point! Watch here.

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