Student Survival Guide

Series 4 of Fresh Meat sees the residents of Manchester’s most mismatched student house embark on their final ever term at Uni. But will their mounting debts, shambolic sex lives and nights out on the mega-lash sabotage any chances they have of making it to graduation?

Heading off to university is a massive milestone and at no other time in your life are you likely to encounter such a brain-scrambling tsunami of experiences. From moving house, making friends and hitting the books to fending off bankruptcy, dodging drink-induced comas and steering clear of STIs, it’s just one big challenge after another.

Chances are, you’re not going to get the hang of it all straight away and your probably going to hit a few bumps along the road. That’s why we’re pulling together the ultimate student survival guide to help you emerge on the other side with a shiny new degree in your hand and your mental and physical faculties still pretty much in working order.

There will be useful stuff popping up all over the Am I Normal? site but we’ll also be pulling it all together right here on this page so you’ve got a handy one-stop shop for all things student-related.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Is student life stressing you out? Check out the NUS website for insider advice on everything from housing and finance to keeping your party/ study ratio in check.

Check out the NUS website (This link opens in a new window)

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