Useful information What is First Acts?

First Acts is a national initiative for filmmakers aged 16-24. Together, Channel 4 and Arts Council England aim to develop diverse young talent by funding and distributing exciting new short films. First Acts are commissioned by five network centres, one for each region of England, meaning that anyone within the age bracket can apply. Find out more about First Acts here.

Below, we have included links to past First Acts films, interviews with makers, and call for entries. Keep checking back as this page is constantly updated.

Q&A interview with Shannon Smyth and Harry Binstead

We spoke to the filmmakers of Daily Cycle - a film about struggling with an eating disorder, for Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Watch the short film and read our Q&A here.

Calling the Shots search for filmmakers

Bristol-based production company Calling the Shots are currently looking for filmmakers aged 16-24, to make short films for potential inclusion in First Acts. Click here to find out more.

Q&A interview - Life with a hearing impairment

Am I Normal spoke to filmmaker Ellie Taylor about her short film 'Hear' and life with a hearing impairment. Watch the film and read the Q&A here.

Q&A Interview - Experiencing Domestic Abuse

We spoke to filmmaker Billy Floyd about his experiences growing up in an abusive environment, and his short film 'Bliss' is premiered here.

Q&A Interview - The Pressures of Masculinity

Sam Parker, creator of short film Masculinity, spoke to us about the pressures that men and boys expereince, to behave a certain way. Watch the film and read the Q&A here.

Q&A Interview - Life with Asperger's

We spoke to Elliot Stronza, creator of 'Comfort Zone', about how filmmaking has helped him with his Asperger's. Watch 'Comfort Zone' and read the interview here.

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