Am I Normal? Stage School: What Is Normal? Exclusive Promo

Am I Normal spent the day with the cast of E4's Stage School and got down to the nitty gritty of all things Am I Normal? From being the new kid at school, to their most embarrassing date, audition or tweet, and even some tips on how to achieve your dreams, live a stress free life or get over a broken heart. Even Donna and Bonnie are here to help!

The guys and girls from D&B Academy of Performing Arts know that it's not about fitting into a norm but rather about expressing your truest self, being out-of-the-ordinary and living every day like it's your last one on stage.

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How To Be More Confident

Top tips from the cast of Stage School on how to be more confident, on and off stage...


Are friendships more important than winning?


Find out what the key to success is:

How To Live A Stress-Free Life?

Some advice from OJ, Luke and others to be more relaxed...

'Charlie Chaplin said a day without laughter is a day wasted' - Luke

Who Is Your Idol?

Are your idols actors, singers, dancers? Or people you know if your everyday life, like mom, dad or an inspiring teacher?

For Luke it's a mix between Elton John and Gordon Ramsay! #LOL

Ever had an embarrassing date? So has Joe C!

If Joe C's date story doesn't make you feel slightly better about your own love-failings, we don't know what will!

We are constantly in communication, what happens when you send or receive an embarrassing tweet or text?

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