What is Am I Normal?

Am I Normal? is a site from Channel 4 aimed at 14-19 year olds. Much of the content centres around issues that affect young people such as family and friendships, sex and relationships, online behaviour, drink and drugs and mental health. We will also offer facts and information on these topics.

If you are under 16, you should get your parent or guardian's permission to view the site or watch some of the programmes featured.

Anyone using our site should read the Channel 4 terms and conditions and our house rules (and if you are under 16 we recommend that you read these with your parent or guardian to make sure you understand them).

What does the red G symbol mean?

Across the Channel 4 website, the red G symbol indicates a guidance warning on a programme. Here on Am I Normal?, we will always flag when this guidance should be noted.

Why do you feature some post-9pm programmes?

All of the shows featured on Am I Normal? have been chosen because they contribute to a topic or subject that is relevant for the 14-19 age group. We believe these programmes say something important and open debate. Where we do feature such programmes, we ensure the clip selected is suitable for the 14-19 age group.

How do I watch programmes on Am I Normal?

Where we suggest a programme or short to watch, clicking on the link will take you to All 4. The specific guidance or warnings relevant to that programme or short will be displayed there.

How do I set up pin protection on All 4?

Visit the parental control page on All 4 to find out how to limit access to either all rated content (16+) or 18 rated content (18+).

Where can I find help and support information?

If you’ve been affected by issues raised on the Am I Normal? site or in any of Channel 4's programmes, our 4Viewers site has help and support available on a range of topics.

Can I get specific advice from Am I Normal? on Twitter?

The Twitter account is monitored daily but we are not able to respond individually. If you are distressed we recommend talking to a family member or visiting our 4Viewers site for further information on a range of topics.

How do you select tweets to appear on Am I Normal?

We choose a selection of tweets to feature on the site that represent a broad range of views. Some of these tweets relate specifically to our shows, and others to our poll subjects.

If you tweet about our shows or Am I Normal?, you should take note of Twitter's privacy policy and tips on safety and security. Remember, unless your account is set to 'private' your tweets can seen by other Twitter users so you should think carefully about what you reveal in them.

How do I get in touch with Channel 4 about Am I Normal?

If you have comments or questions about Channel 4's programmes, website or Am I Normal, you should contact is via Viewer Enquiries.

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We are not able to provide individual answers to questions submitted through the site. This form is only a means of suggesting broader topics you would like to see addressed here in the future and is not monitored daily. If you are distressed we recommend talking to a family member or visiting our 4Viewers (Opens in a new window) for further information on a range of topics.