Is it normal to be Scared of the doctor?

Nobody likes the idea of someone in a white coat telling them that it’s all gone a bit wonky in the body department. But, like it or not, burying your head in the sand isn’t going to make a medical problem go away. In fact ignoring the signs is a sure-fire way of storing up a whole heap of health worries further down the line.

Doctors are there to make you better and the quicker you let them help you, the sooner you’re going to find yourself on the road to recovery. But that doesn’t make medical examinations, procedures or operations any less scary.


Would you ever be too scared to see your doctor?


What's up doc?

Here are some really important reasons why you should face your fears and give the doc a ring...

There’s no shame, we’re all the same

No matter how embarrassing, serious or extreme your problem, we guarantee your doctors have seen it all before. From the lumpy, smelly, drippy or unsightly bits that make you cringe to the more serious issues that keep you up all night worrying, there really is nothing that will shock them. Whether your problem is mental, emotional or physical, by making that initial appointment you’ll be taking your first step to getting better.

Spotting things early

The faster you seek help, the easier it will be to get your problem sorted. Many people spend their lives literally worrying themselves sick about a health problem only to find that it could have been fixed quickly and easily. An early diagnosis will, at best, reassure you that there is nothing to worry about. At worst, it will help to spot big issues early, ensuring you get effective treatment before the problem gets out of hand.

The dangers of internet diagnoses

With the wonders of the web at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever to fire up a search engine to try and figure out your medical woes. However, while the internet can certainly be a powerful tool for health advice, it can also be a minefield of misinformation that can put your wellbeing at serious risk. Whilst the sites you discover and people you find on forums may genuinely want to help, their unqualified advice can often cause more harm than good. From recommending dangerous or untested medications to sending you off in the wrong direction entirely, diagnosis is definitely best left to the professionals.

The Embarrassing Bodies website has tons of condition guides, interactive tools and video clips from the show, all designed to help you find the medical support you need.

The road to recovery

The key to getting better is finding the right help at the right time. We've assembled loads of links to get you started.

Check out the Channel 4 support site (This link opens in a new window)

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