Useful Articles The Dark Side of Being Young

In this Shorts series for All 4 young adults talk frankly about their darkest hours, to inspire those with similar issues. Watch the full series over here now or read the articles below.

1) Revenge Porn

In this episode we hear Laura's story of being a victim of revenge porn and its devastating consequences. For more on this topic including useful resources for help Read the article here.

2) Obsession

Sarah's story of finding solace in an unhealthy obsession is the subject of this episode. For more info and useful links Read the article here.

3) Technology Addiction

This episode is Michelle's story of the terrifying reality and dangers of technology addiction. You can get loads more info and useful links if you Read the article here.

4) Domestic Abuse

Stina's story of being trapped in an abusive relationship is the topic explored in this episode. For more info and helpful links on this subject Read the article here.

5) Anorexia

In this episode get Becca's story of developing, battling and overcoming an eating disorder. There's lots more information and useful links if you Read the article here.

6) Substance Abuse

In this episode you'll hear Daniel's story of his descent into addiction and the destructive realities of legal highs. There's loads more information and useful links if you Read the article here.

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