Have I got what it takes to be InstaFamous?

Reckon you're ready for internet superstardom?

If you've ever dreamed of being the next Zoella or of dethroning PewDiePie as the King of Youtube, you've probably got a pretty clear idea of what online fame is all about. A-list parties, adoring fans, tons of awesome freebies and enough cash to fill a swimming pool, right?

Not necessarily.

What you see on screen is rarely the complete picture. The seemingly perfect worlds of the 'InstaFamous' are usually carefully edited portrayals of the life they want you to see. In truth, the odds of achieving online stardom are pretty slim and, even if you ARE talented, hard working and lucky enough to get noticed, there's still no guarantee that fame will make you happy.

That's not to say you should immediately trash your webcam and consign your laptop to the bin - millions of people do make a living through blogging, vlogging and photographing their everyday lives. It just pays to know what your up against, which is why we've created the handy lil' infographic below...

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Get cyber smart

Internet fame is all fine and dandy but it's all pretty pointless in your cyber-safety is not up to snuff. Check out the Get Safe Online website for tons of hints and tips about staying out of trouble whilst you're trawling t'interwebs.

Check out 'Get Safe Online' (This link opens in a new window)

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