Interview with Performer Bradley Hunt

If you've never heard of Bradley Hunt, then where have you been?! Singer, makeup artist, and all-round entertainer Bradley has been featured on both All 4's How to Pull and E4's Body Fixers, as well as a number of other reality shows, and he even made it to the finals of the X-Factor with his pop duo Bratavio.

We spoke to Bradley about his experience in the spotlight, his career dreams, and he even gave us his greatest pulling tip...

Hi Bradley! For anyone who doesn’t know already, can you start off by telling us who you are and what you do?

I'm a makeup artist/entertainer. I have a passion for creating statement clothing, comedy, singing, rapping and inspiring people to come out of the box. I studied theatre for 10 years whilst growing up, which contributed to my magical outlook on life. I also studied Fashion and Photography for 5 years, and that encouraged me to be controversial and push the boundaries, creatively.

You were featured on E4’s Body Fixers, but you weren’t too thrilled with the outcome! What made you decide to appear on the show?

Haha! Well, from seeing shows such as Snog, Marry, Avoid, 100% Hotter, and Tattoo Fixers, it made me wonder why it's often seen as a bad thing when someone has too much bronzer, is wearing an outrageous outfit, or has an 'extreme' tattoo. Initially, I was supposed to go on the show for a make-under, but I decided not too. I thought "let's be daring and LEVEL-UP, and be even more unique!" I was shocked at my end result because it's been built into our heads that it is deemed out of the 'ordinary' to look that different.

You also appeared on All 4’s How to Pull. Can you sum up for us your best pulling techniques?

Well, I have a boyfriend now, but my biggest tip would be to stand out on the dancefloor with the weirdest moves you can think of. That way, you're likely to get approached by someone who asks "WTF are you doing?"

Some people might also remember you as one half of Bratavio from The X-Factor, where you managed to get to the live shows! What was that like and was it a nerve-wracking experience?

Being on the X-Factor platform was amazing. I got to showcase that it’s OK to be different and confident, wear what you like and to step out of the box. I got many messages of support on how I inspired people to come out of their shells and do whatever they wanted, no matter what judgement they might receive. The only thing nerve-wracking about it was not knowing at each stage of the competition, whether it might be the end of the road or not, and the fact that if we were to mess up our performance, they would have it on camera!

You fell out with your friend and bandmate Ottavio and appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show to mend your relationship. Did that help?

I think it cleared the air for about a week and then things got bad again. Ottavio and I have had some of the most fabulous, stunning and craziest experiences, however the pressure took its toll on our friendship and that took the fun out of it. I will always be there for him no matter what and maybe one day the friendship shall return.

What’s your ultimate career goal?

It's really hard to say. I have my finger in so many pies - so many ideas and goals! I hope to find a way that I can have more work in music, fashion, and comedy.

Follow Bradley:

Instagram: @BradleyHuntUK

Twitter: @BradleyHuntUK

Snapchat: Bradixo

Bradley on what 'normal' means to him

The word 'normal' is to be used when somebody is a slave to the ordinary. People who feel they should be 'normal' cannot venture out, for fear of being judged or ridiculed. 'normal' is a safe bet. No one should be forced to be 'normal' or made to follow guidelines to be a certain way. 'Normal' is 'natural' or 'Plain Jane'; clothing that everybody wears. 'Normal' is blending in. 'Normal' is not being yourself. I think that being a sheep and looking like everybody else is not normal!

I love this quote by Nicki Minaj: "It's OK to be weird, and maybe your weird is my normal. Who's to say?"

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