The Am I Normal Guide To... Finding Your Passion with The Undateables

January can be a bit of a downer, but it’s the start of a new year, and a good time to remember that life can be full of incredible opportunities. One great way to get over the January Blues is to unlock your passion, either for an existing interest or hobby, or by finding something entirely new... and getting excited about it.

The Undateables are full to bursting with passion, and in a new series of Shorts for All 4 we discover that they're not only passionate about finding love. The Undateables Guide To… reveals some of the stars’ fascinating passions and captures their advice for how others can enjoy them too: everything from fast cars to magic; and from poetry to getting ripped down at the gym. You can watch the full series over here, but we’ve picked out some of the key pieces of advice for you below in our own, Undateables-inspired guide to finding your passion.

Explore What's Out There

There’s loads of amazing things to get your passion juices flowing, you’ve just got to get out and find them. Our six stars have passions for things as diverse as: magic; getting ripped down at the gym; poetry; becoming a rockstar; fast cars; and being a football fan. The options are near limitless, you could find your passion anywhere, but the only way to discover yours is to explore and be curious.


Just Do It

Once you’ve found something that piques your interest you’ve got to get stuck in. Alex’s infectious love of Fast Cars has seen one fan put together a petition for him to present Top Gear, and in Alex’s own words; “20,000 people can’t be wrong!’ Tom, on the other hand, is a big sports fan who knows the ladies like a man who looks good, so he’s combined the two and made the gym his passion.


Know Your Stuff

Once you’ve found something that’s got you going, put some time into finding out all you can about it. Explore on the internet, go to a library, or just learn by doing. David has practised for hours to hone his magic skills, while there isn’t much Alex doesn’t know about cars, and Ray could tell you all there is to know about his beloved Leeds United FC.


Fail To Prepare...

... Prepare to fail! If your passion is for a 'skill' then you’ll need to practise in order to get better at it. Take Shaine for example, he’s worked hard at his poetry, trying different styles and seeking inspiration in all sorts of different places, and he still gets nervous when he gets up on stage, but when he’s done he’s; “buzzing like a buzzy bee.”


Dedication, That's What You Need

It won’t always be easy and passion might not always be enough to keep you going, and to help you be the best you can be at your chosen pursuit. Tom acknowledges that it gets tough sometimes; “I’m always pushing for more, and I’m quite hard with myself.” David has similar advice simply saying; “rehearse, rehearse, rehearse” and you’ll be ready to take it to the next level.


Look The Part

If you look good, you feel good, so make sure you’ve got the gear to help you feel the part. Daniel knows that in order to be a rock god on the stage you’ve got to dress like one. You can jump around, kick and yell all you like but without the hair, the shoes and the shirt it won’t be the complete package… oh, and don’t forget the belt of course. Tom and David are singing from the same hymn sheet as Daniel: Tom loves wearing short shorts for the gym, while David’s magician persona isn’t complete without his hat, jacket, waist coat and black t-shirt.


Be Loud... and most importantly: BE PROUD

Share your passion, be proud of it - if it gets you excited then get excited about it in return and tell the world. Self-proclaimed no. 1 Leeds fan Ray lets the players know what he’s thinking all the way from the stands. “You’ve got to sing out - loud and proud. If they get fouled, you’ve got to shout ‘penalty! ‘penalty!” says Ray about how he shows his passion at the matches. Rockstar Daniel has the last word on this one; “Girls love to shout when I’m being a legend.”

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