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Is it normal... to go on a blind date?


It's crazy to think that it was back in 2013 that we first saw Musharaf Asgharon on our screens in Educating Yorkshire, as he was gearing up to pass his GCSE exams. It's hard to remember a more emotionally captivating moment on the box in recent years than when Musharaf got up in front of his whole year and conquered his stammer, found his voice and delivered an inspiring speech to the nation.

Musharaf has an acute stammer, which especially in times of stress and anxiety, means he has difficulty vocalising his thoughts. Teacher and mentor Mr Burton dedicated his time to helping Musharaf overcome his speech disorder. Together they practiced specific techniques that would allow him to pass his oral exams and prepare him for the difficult social situations he would face in the real world.

Musharaf took another leap forward by heading to the First Dates restaurant. Ready to learn a lesson in love, and escorted by his former teach Mr Burton, he met Salina.

After overcoming bullying at school Musharaf has exemplified the 'Superhuman' capabilities that enables people with disabilities to be confident and independent in the real world. Musharaf hopes that he can be a role model for other young people with speech issues, advising that 'even if you do have a stutter, don’t be afraid'.

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