No Sexperience Necessary

Bringing you all of the juiciest bits from Channel 4's ultimate sex ed site.

From 2008 to 2015, the Channel 4 Sexperience website was the ultimate go-to destination for no-nonsense sex education. From man bits to masturbation, virgins to vulvas, boobs to blowjobs and everything in between, there was nowhere it feared to tread in its quest to lay sex bare. But now, alas, the time has come for Sexperience to hang up its lucky pants, grab some soothing balm and head out into a well-earned retirement. In its absence, we’ve been handed the baton and have been tasked with continuing it’s epic sexual mission.

So from here on in 'Am I Normal?' will be getting to get to the bottom of all manor of sex-related issues. From staying safe in the bedroom and avoiding unplanned pregnancies to figuring out how to do it, when to do it and who to do it with, we’ll have it covered.

We’ll be adding plenty of content to the Sex and Relationships section of the ‘Am I Normal?’ site in the coming weeks and months including articles, cheat sheets, polls, videos, quizzes and more.

In the meantime, we’ve been trawling the Sexperience archives to salvage some of the best bits and bobs from its years of valiant sexual service. We’ll be adding loads more Sexperience content soon, but let’s kick things off with a bit of a classic quiz…

Sex can be scary, exciting, confusing and, if you’re under 16, it can also be illegal. Having sex is a big decision and you should only go for it if you’re really ready and everyone involved is 100% up for it. You can get lots more info on sex laws and consent over at Think You Know? Website.

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